To many the word "volunteering" comes with hours of time a week that most of us just do not have.  Here we understand that and realize that volunteering can constitute many things.  Take a look at the things that anyone can do to help out the cause and to us is in our book volunteering to help the cause which in the long run will help us all.
Actively Volunteering
  • Participating in the weekly conference call
    • Brainstorming
      • Fundraising
      • Getting in front of law makers
    • Strategy planning
    • Support for others that are working on projects 
  • Help with mailings or phone calls when necessary
  • We work with you to find your 'niche' in this crusade to educate the public
  • Access to the Volunteer's website, where updates are posted on project that are being worked on. 
  • Writing, calling and meeting with your local representatives as well as with any others in Wisconsin that you/we have procured an appointment to meet with.
Passively Volunteering
  • Writing a handwritten letter to your State Assemblyman and Senator, telling them your story and the hardships that the laws put on both the offender who has paid their debt (or paying their debt currently) and the families and loved ones that they also need to support.  
The hardships of locating, procuring and sustaining employment become much bigger obstacles than they are for other felons because of the public fear frenzy over the words "sex" and "offender" put together.

Coming Soon! - Sample letters to send on a variety of issues