Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Reform Sex Offender Laws in Wisconsin a political organization?

No, we are a non-profit charitable organization that is here to educate the public and our leaders about the collateral damage the laws are doing while not being effective and costing the tax payer more and more money.  

How long has Reform Sex Offender Laws in Wisconsin been around?

The organization was formed in August of 2010.  We incorporated in December of 2011 with the state of Wisconsin's Department of Financial Institutions.

Does it cost anything to help the organization?

No, you can help out he organization by just calling, writing or emailing your local representatives about your story of life on the registry  living with someone on the registry and the hardships that the registrant and anyone that is involved with them have to face on a daily basis.  If you are unsure of what to say or how to say it, we are always here to help you and to bounce ideas off of.