Shawna: A Life on the Sex Offender Registry

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    Two articles came out recently that everyone must/should read.... Please find their links below. 

    Ten percent of offenders scramble to find places to plug in bracelets, some cut them off, and local laws make it hard for released sex offenders to find housing - By  (Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism)  March 4, 2018

    Offenders, many in rural areas, say they have been jailed due to technical problems with bracelets; some experts question value of lifetime monitoring - By  (Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism)  March 4, 2018

    Posted Mar 5, 2018, 7:18 AM by Lara K
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    Posted Nov 3, 2017, 8:42 AM by Lara K
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There are many political issues today that bear scrutiny by the general public, but none more than what is happening to thousands of families throughout Wisconsin.  

I am not talking about the people that committed the crime and are doing their time to pay their debt to society and learn to become productive citizens again, but the families that have to endure the sentence along side their loved ones for the duration of their lives due to the hardships produced by being affiliated with someone on the registry.  

Our state lawmakers have created laws with good intentions that ended up having unintended consequences and to boot have proven to not protect as once thought they would.

Those same laws has also contributed to the continually rising costs of the Department of Corrections, which are then extracted from the tax payers of Wisconsin. 

There is a better way, but is is going to take our community.

Rehabilitation is possible, there are knowledgeable treatment providers that can help offenders become true ex-offenders, to become productive within their communities and become no more a risk than a child's own parents. 

Reintegration is the goal, it is attainable and starting with the support from the offender's and their families to help educate those around them and their state representatives, we can break the revolving door of our state D.O.C.

As communities we can stop the cycle of abuse that happens in today's system of incarceration, supervision and treatment.  Treat earlier, I have heard from many that if they had only had the treatment they needed when they were a juvenile or when they committed their first offense they would not be in the predicaments they are today.

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